Mining as a service (MaaS)

A particular type of computer is used to mine bitcoins. Miners process each Bitcoin transaction to secure the network.

Bitcoin’s “blockchain” results from miners solving a problem that allows them to chain together transactions. Miner fees and newly-created Bitcoins are the rewards for this service that creates the blockchain we know and love.

TL;DR? The Bitcoin network is built on the mining of bitcoins. Bitcoin miners are responsible for securing the network and verifying transactions. This would not be possible without bitcoin miners.

How it works.

Mining as a Service (MaaS) is a unique program unavailable anywhere else in the industry. This solution’s benefits are that it is managed and uses much of the same foundational structure as our highly competitive colocation services and rates. Clients don’t have to source equipment or worry about set-up or constant monitoring of their equipment while enjoying all the advantages of owning mining equipment.

Simply purchase your mining machine, and we provide the electricity and space in our data center to run the device; you just need to cover the rental fee!

Why not just buy Bitcoin instead of mining?

A lot of people ask us this question. Bitcoin mining will be far less expensive than the current market price over the long term and consistently. At the moment, our Bitcoin production costs are under $XX,XXX.

Going with our hardware and data center rentals ensures your hardware is always running. Your home is not a good place to handle rig assembly and noisy, hot miners. Our bitcoin mining hardware is already operating at the fastest speeds!

Alternative cryptocurrencies can also be mined. Choose from any of the cryptocurrencies listed! Our Bitcoin mining website lets you switch mining power between all the coins on the fly.

Start mining today and get your first output. Payments will be sent to your designated wallet regularly. Start mining Bitcoin today!

Some benefits of mining as a service include:

  1. It’s fully managed We enjoy full technician support and regular machine maintenance of all machines in our data center with our service. Miners are acquired on your behalf, and Bitcoin is sent directly to your wallet at the end of every month.
  2. Powerful hardware We use S19j Pro Th/s miners with a minimum quantity of 10 miners to qualify. This is the guaranteed hardware our data center will use for the next few years.
  3. Low risk Participation in this program is required for 12 months, but since mining equipment is depreciated, purchasing it at 100% value after 12 months is an option.

What is crypto mining doing?

Why does Bitcoin mining matter? We get this question every day.

The mining of Bitcoin involves several functions and aspects that we’ll discuss here. These include issuing new bitcoins, confirming transactions, and blockchain security.

Primarily, mining is used to issue new bitcoins. Dollars and euros are traditional currencies issued by central banks. If they think it will improve the economy, the central bank can issue new money at any time. It doesn’t work this way with bitcoin.

The Bitcoin network rewards miners every 10 minutes with new bitcoins. Bitcoins cannot be created out of thin air or be cheated by miners since the issuance rate is set in the code. Users have to generate bitcoins by using their computers.

The blocks created by the miners also verify the Bitcoin network. Once a transaction has been included in a block, it can be deemed secure and complete. Basically, a transaction can only be officially embedded into Bitcoin’s blockchain once it has been included in a block.

Miners subsequently secure the bitcoin network. In doing so, they make it hard for attacks, changes, and stoppages to occur. By doing so, they make the network more secure.

A Bitcoin transaction can only be reversed if you have 51% of the network’s hash power. The fact that Bitcoin’s hash power is distributed among many different miners is safe and secure.

Mining is about power in numbers, my friends. Contact us for more information.

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